The LCD Mic Flag…

Decided to create a blog for various interesting projects I work on.

The first is a LCD Mic Flag…

Basically its a LCD photo frame with content coming from a SD media cart as the core wraped in a walnut wood case with a generic mike clamp…

Designed Requirements:

1) Decent size screen. Minimum of 2″ diag.
2) As light as possible.
3) Easy to use. Self contained with easy change content.
4) Easy to install or deactivate in case of problems.
5) Similar to a standard Mike Flag which is about 3″ square cube.

The hard part was finding the electronic already built. Else would have added to the designed time… Found not an exact match but did fit the requirements. Problem is the view angle is a bit odd. This lead to not making it in a std Mike Flag Cube. But with an adjustable Mike Clamp so to speak. Guess Mark II will be in a cube. Note that Video was not included into the requirements. Well thats the missing part from the frame. Mark II will have that with a remote control.

Along with the screen quirks decided to use wood. Since it going into a wood environment decides a wood case would look nice. Esp since I can get wood easer than plastic. Did find a plastic cube that could work but need to tilt. Well thats the reason for wood…

Decided to pick Walnut for density and got some that looks good.

Will be shielded for RF and EMF…

Original designed brainstorming…

Some outer along with Mike Flag Mount..

Some inside mount for the electronics…

And more…


5 thoughts on “The LCD Mic Flag…

  1. Hello,
    were you able, in this project, to input video from an external source to the frame? i am wondering if i can use a digital frame as an external monitor for a video camera, using the A/V output of the camera.


  2. Sorry its static only.

    Basically the unit read a jpg picture and displays that.

    There was someone found a mini DVD player sales cheep { $20 } that could hack to take video.

    Also I think it uses the same chip set and some one feed via the USB cable a low FPS video. This unit had no connection except for the GND and +5 volts. No data flowed to the chip on the main board.

    Good Luck!

  3. thank you thank you. I have just bought a mini dvd player, that is a flat panel, without a “clamshell”, however I was wondering if there were lighter weight options that have higher resolution and better battery life. we shall see.


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