LCD Mic Flag Part II

Last Saturday had enough part to build what I call a Universal Mike Support. Fancy name for a bracket that can tilt the two ends. This was necessary due to the angle of the camera and the best viewing angle of the LCD. It loosely bases off of how my 20-15-10 Meter Beam is set up. Needed a decent easy to install clamp so to speak.

Well went through all of my 6-32 threaded rods trying to remember how to bend a rod… finally figure it out but at the same time decided to go all brass.


Cutting the three wood test parts was very simple with the Dremel and its drill stand adapter…

Earlier I had cooked up, using cheaper and ease to use wood than the Walnut, the sides for the LCD panel and drive electronics. Going to put the power switch in place of the USB Mini B Jack it came with and there will be a slot for changing the SD Media.

In place of the USB power jack switching to a thin SMA connector. Shielded, cheep and has brass fittings. And easy to thread… Cant use the PS it came with due to RF noise! Even with a PI filter and shilding could not cut it down enough. So found an old style non switching PS to power it. Only takes about 350MA from 4.5 to 5.2 volts to power it.


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