LCD Mic Flag Part III

Well its been a busy week but got some time on Friday to get started on some more.

The first item was if it generated a magnetic signal that could affect a microphone. Well the answer is no! ^_^ Use a scope with a 1x direct probe and a Dynamic Mike. Saw a bit but had to almost put the mike on top of the only coil on the PC board. That little thing seen in the pictures that looks like a bobbin of thread.

Second task today was to finally bite the bullet and cut some of the walnut. Nice tough wood. If this frame turns out wrong. Will get a small rotary saw from a tool place near by. And cut better ends! Uses 240 and 600 sand paper.

After glueing one side and putting a bead inside

After a quickly test decided to go with polyurethanes and no stain. Its dark enough and figure two coats hand rubbed in will be as glossy as I want to get.

Need to either find that darn 6-32 die or get one! Found others but not that one! Cant find brass u bolt’s that size so going to make some. I will have some room inside for inside mount and decided for stability to use some small brass brads to lock the frame a little more solid. That will depend on the glue.

Still a lot to do! Including Needing to trim a hole for the SD cart. Remove the USB connector. Install a SPST micro toggle switch in its place. Fix the front. Cut and mount the back along with support for the mike clamp. Figure final weight and get the counter weight cut and its mike suport ear attached. Have a power supply and the “coax” power cable and the internal shielding for the LMF. And thats not all! 😉 Oh well…

Click here for more pictures…


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