LCD Mic Flag Part V

Well had some time. So did some more work on it.

Removed the Mini USB B jack and cleaned up the area where it was.

Test of switch using that trench I cut for the SD media.

Cut a opening for the SD card. Could have make it a tunnel but decided to just make a trench opening. Will do the same for the switch.

After Saturday during some discussion on a forum. I decided to do another test. Pop out my trusty iRiver 390 and went both front and back about 1/4 to 1/8 moving it in front then in the back in a scanning pattern to see if it picked up anything. Zipo! ^_^ And my hearing is good enough to still pick up 15khz+ audio. Neither it or my hearing could pick up any audio being generated from the display. ^_^ Have some shielding to stick inside of the case when I am done. Either a slice of thin brass or have some shielding that was on a old laptop hard drive…

If I have a HAL effect device still kicking around will use that for the last test.

Will have audio test up soon…

And as usual more pictures…

Click here.


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