LCD Mic Flag Part VII

A monkey wrench in the works would be a good sub title… ^_^

I have the switch finally installed. Will know how well Mr JB Weld will do with plastic & metal. Hope ok. But still have about 10 hours to go on that.

After getting it settled for a few hours drying… Decided to do a test on the brass rod stock that will form the U-Bolts for the Universal Mike Clamp. AKA those weird U shaped things.

Could not find either small enough or beyond that brass ones…. So get to make my own! Got the 6-32 tap and did a small test on one end. Worked well. Esp with my #2 Monkey Wrench for help. I have one bigger but that would be way over kill. Makes this one look like a toy… ^_^

And the rod stock after putting some threads on it. Looks nice! ^_^

Remember all photos can be seen here…. Click here for more photos.


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