LCD Mic Flag Part IX

Well got the reshot pictures done and also pop the LMF out of drydock… AKA got the last panel cut’s done and in in place! ^_^

Under all of that is the Mike Flag.

After removing the weights to hold it down and to force the side to be strait…

Made a test panel for the front. May not have any trim or go with brass around the edge. But planing on keeping it very simple.Its a composition of .005 thickness brass with single sided sticky foam… Hey had to keep the reflectivity down as far as I could go! ^_^ Along with the weight.

Here a slightly better shot… Note the electronic have been removed so I can finish up the front panel.

Found some tubing so if needed could make some bolt post. Can thread them if I need to make it…

Have tested and will use three coast of poly varnish with all three coats hand rubbed in… Still protects the wood. Darkens it just a touch. But has low reflectivity.

Need a bit of a rest for the weeks fun and since I have a civic thing locally to do this evening. Wont be able to get back on this until way late tonight. If all goes well. Should be able to get the front, back support done by late tomorrow. As soon as thats done can weight it and finish the counter balance/ media storage section…

As usual… More pictures… ^_^ Click here…


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