LCD Mic Flag Part VIII

Huston… We have a problem! O_O

Need to reshoot tonights picture… Due to the SD cart going totally south.. As in nothing is there. Even to the recovery software I have… Can reshoot and have copies of the rest that was on the cart. Will do that tomorrow morning. That carts been acting a bit strange.

On to the fun. Mr JB reputation is fully intact. The power switch is locked solid in place from last night!

Did get the slot cut for the switch and looks ok. Even got the correct brass tubing so I can make some blind nuts to finish it. Even got the final side got stuck down and waiting right now for it to cure a bit longer…

Going to do a mass push on this this weekend but have some civic duty coming up tomorrow night. Add in an emergency to see if I can put enough pieces to get a working system for a client. So going to be a tough weekend…


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