LCD Mic Flag Part XIII

At about 5:02 PM Cabinet for the LMF was completed. There is some other items but the big nightmare is done. ^_^

Here is the bolt holes being put in….

Rotation of empty case…

And with drive electronic reinstalled and running…

Need to get the power connector installed with the Pi filter inside. and the mount ear for the Universal Mile Bracket. But thats it! ^_^

Current weight is about 114 grams or 4.0oz…. Yipe! O_O Which means total weight should be around 7.25 to 8.0 oz for counter weight/bracket/LMF. May try doing an aircraft trick of shaving out areas to reduce weight. But this is built like a tank!

If I can send the final kit to Premiere and then ask them to send it on and send me a bill to do that 2nd half can get it up and keep address secret. ^_^


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