LCD Mic Flag Part XXI

Hope I dont loose anyone but going to be a long one!

First I had to make a right angle adapter. Since the one I found was the opposite. . I get to MAKE one. Oh Joy… Final trimming and ready to join the two…

And the final assembly of it… Aka DONE! ^_^

On to the filter box #1. This was finally finished. I used very sticky nylon patch and wrapped around the lid.

Now for a wild part of the Universal Mount. Those darn slots. In other words… Will it Slot? O_O Figured out a track rig and the Dremel could do the job. So built the adapter and have it set so I can create the slots… The parts can slide about 1/2 inch creating a slot of 1/2 inch! ^_^ Can use the same one for bigger brackets by adjusting the small wood stop

Here is a video cutting one of the slots… Dust… Noise and Slot Smoke! Don’t breath this Kids! ^_^

The three.. Prototype ( Top ). Test of form one ( Bottom ) and finally work ( Middle ).

Got the final counter weight figured out…

As usual here are more photos. Click here!


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