LCD Mic Flag Part XXII

Well got the counter weight with the SD card holder done!!! Also the “weight” that goes between it and the part that is its back done and cut. Will be using small black bolts to construct it. Looks nice! ^_^ Need to add in four screws in the back to hold all three section together. In a pinch it can hold 4 SD cards but normally set for three… Holds but easy to remove or return!

But… A Bad Thing Happen on the Way to the Forum…

Will be taking a small 24 hour break… Basically due to getting rear ended this afternoon. Im ok along with the Matrix but going to take it easy for the rest of the day. Was major stress! O_O Oh the Mic flag was in the back but in the shipping container. Will check on it tomorrow… If it survived that jar I know it will be ok going north on its trip.

Just want to unwind. Was going to get a weight of the counter weight using my friends digital scale but did not get the chance to go there.

All thats left is to mount the ears. Coast it all in poly. Check it out from its E-coupon ride and get the shipping container finished…


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