LCD Mic Flag Part XXIII

Well it survived along with the matrix! ^_^

Ok let get to the meat of the subject. All parts are done. Need poly coating and shipping container done. ^_^

Did find one thing if miss the slot for the SD memory could accidentally fall inside. So will cook up a stop before I ship it.

Here is the video of a small walk around of the operating LCD Mike Flag…

Hum. May put holes for the two button on top…. They do. Manual/Automatic and 5/10/30 second delay. But 5 seconds is about right. ANd thats what it preprogrammed to.

One worry is total weight. can drop the Brass Weight on the counter weight and that will drop the counter down to about 2 OZ. The main unit is around 4.1 OZ. And the UMB is around 1 to 1.5 OZ. Will do another weigh in and see grand total.

The mike stand I think can take three pounds. Will ask on Saturday the make and model of it.

Poly coat this afternoon. Have some labels to generate but those are a quickies. 😉

PS: Re-though the Counter weight last night and redid it early this morning. was about 1AM when I got the Mk II verson done. Need a bit more sanding but looks good. As you can see in the above shots.


One thought on “LCD Mic Flag Part XXIII

  1. Wow – Nice to see the finished project and it really looks great! Nice choice with the wood, gives it some real class and appeal.

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