LCD Mic Flag Part XXV

As we last left you all…. There was a mystery. It was:

If thats not the Shipping Container… What is the Shipping Container he is talking about?

Well this is THAT Shipping Container…. ^_^ Its what is inside that cardboard box with newspapers thats IS the actual Shipping Container! ^_^ And almost rates its own Blog! ^_^

Early on I knew I needed something as different as the L-MF is to ship in. On a Late Fridays run to Michel’s in April They had these little wooded looking suite cases just outside the door. Or maybe its was 60% off that got my attention. What ever. ^_^ Was going inside to get a small wooden box to put the items in. So for a whole 8 dollars got my shipping container just about finished!!! Looks like something a certain Adventure would carry a hat and wip in! ^_^ Or Artemus Gordon from the Wild Wild West would open to display some 19 Century device to save the day. And it does look a bit Steampunk like! ^_^ Hey us geeks like our un-boxing and hopping this may be a touch better than Chuck mug’s…

I had to wait until all items were complete before starting in on the shipping container. So starting around Sunday the 18 of May went on a crash program to get it ready. Cant figure out which was harder the L-MF or the container! O_O

First had to replace the bottom. The original one was thin and flexing as cardboard! O_O

This box is held together with staples. Yea so was some what easy to pop them out.

This gave me about an extra 1/2 inch of depth to play with and glad I had it! I had some more of this micro hobby plywood so cut a section to fit outside as a bottom. This reinforced the box esp the bottom section. Found some 25 year old red paint that match the color of the box very well. Brass nails along with cable staples. And had the new bottom in place! Added some balsa wood runner like would be seen on a trunk and had the outside done! ^_^ Could not use rubber feet. They use soft wood strips or something like that on trunks…

Ok! On with the show. As anyone who has been following this. There has been a wood theme to all of this. But about 2 to 3 weeks ago figure out that the internal structure of the shipping container would be almost impossible to do in wood. Due to deciding not to get a band saw or an alike hole saw. Found some poster material that has a foam core with paper sides. Cool! Can cut with an x-acto knife! ^_^

So starting from the bottom up. Place a sheet of one sided sticky foam for cushion on the bottom of the container. And started to cut foam like mad.

Basic designed is like the old time Jewry box in construction of compartment. Yep Its covered in cloth inside!! O_O Dragons for the top and Sprial space for the bottom section.

Wont get into the sticky fingers, the paint that was a pain Monday / Tuesday night, Using aluminum tape for hinges when the brass one failed on th bottom lids and those not working to well. Etc. But here is the results. 😉

The plan was to ship it out about 4pm Thr or Friday up the coast. But had a family matter that occurred. I found out early in the week one of my Uncles was in bad shape and not expected to be around much longer. I got the call about 2 pm Thr after getting back for some items to speed up some etching of brass items to put on the container and the L-MF. The decision at that second was to get it shipped ASAP! Its missing those brass plates along with a block to keep the user from inserting a SD card into the L-MF wrong. The unit was basically ready for shipment so put the draft preliminary manual in some shape with a note. And ship it. UPS wanted about $120 to ship but USPS Express wanted $47… and could arrive by Saturday afternoon. Sounded good to me! ^_^ Will ship those brass items next Tuesday. The L-MF does not need them to operate. Wanted a final beauty shot of it along with one last power up but decided to drop the shot and chance it.

Well guess due to tight airline stuff and trying to move clients to free up time. By mid day on Friday just could not swing a trip back to pay my respects. 😦 So Im dedicating the L-MF to him, my Parent who also passed in the last few years and my other Uncle’s and Aunts still here and not here. Without their examples I leard from them. Would not have the skills and the strength to get this completed or even attempted. ^_^

So unless USPS muck up the shipping { fingers crossed! } It arrives not broken. And if it fires up when it arrives. Am as nervous as any of the software/hardware projects I have worked on in the past. O_O Maybe a bit more so… A bit worse in the worry department than Jutland or Robot Odyssey.

May post pictures of the tools I used and some of the fabric I used and did not use.

But in a nutshell. That is the LCD Mike Flag project…. ^_^

PS: He got it! ^_^ Was afrade it did not make it.


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