LCD Mic Flag Part XXVI

One more part… Had to send up the brass plates and two small items to complete the Mic Flag.

Here are the items…

Those two squares in the lower left/right corner are lapel pins/locks for the bottom of the Shipping Container. Also figure out to make the deep holes for the pin bodies. Use a strip of brass formed into a ring that hid the cloth hole and make it look nice. Put stars at the bottom of that well! ^_^

And here is the box I shipped them off in… Darn magnet latch is like breaking iron! Easer to put thumb nail holding down the bottom then lift the top in the center…

And construction… All cloth and that foam-paper board… And a lot of glue! ^_^

Well except for a postmortem on this thing that basically it almost done. If it fires up AOK then the project is a success else…. I guess its a Will it Blend candidate.


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