Macross 30 Hybrid Pack Limited Edition


If you are a Macross and even a Robotech fan you may have heard of the first Macross Movie: “Do you Remember Love” and basically what was done as a thank you to the fans a 30 minute concert video called “Macross: Flashback 2012”.

It’s the 30 anniversary of Macross this year. And in different sets including this reviewed one. Both videos are now released on Blu-Ray.

I must state the following:

I have been a major fan of Macross since the early 90’s.

Some of the materials in this set is 25+ years old.


Video was tested with a PS3 feeding a 32” HDMI 720P TV.


I am not going to delved into the story except “Do you Remember Love” is the movie version, slightly different, of Macross TV series. While Flash Back 2012 is Minmey’s last Earth concert video done for the Macross fans in 1987 with ideas animated they though about but did not include in the series.

First there is no subtitle in English. This is a domestic release. AKA raw format. For Flashback 2012 its not needed. The movie you can follow along pretty good. And there have been English translations for a long time of the movie.

I stated at the beginning this is 25+ year old animation. I just got into Blu-Ray just a few months ago and I love the quality it can provide over a good DVD or Laser Disk.  At first I was really depressed. I started off watching Flash Back 2012. Was shocked at what I though was a bad transfer. It was not until I played the Laser Disk copies that I realized they must have taken time to clean up what they could. Some parts are still grainy while others a very clean. They could have washed it all but looking over it multiple times think they got a decent balance. Colors are richer on the most part and corrected in some spots.



Except for what I like of using easy reseal packaging on the outer plastic of the storage box and the Blu-Ray disk. It’s a very nice box set. Includes:

A texture container box. (Very Nice)

A set of reproduction of  sketches of characters, place etc on thin tracing paper. (Nice)

Five frames of film in a plastic sleeve. (Can’t tell where my 5 came from in the movie.)

A small book of reprints from a magazine that cover the movie.

Manual for the” Do you Remember Love Macross Game.”

A small book with more pictures and info.

A separator for the smaller size items.

Love the texture of the container for all of this. Has a quality of “We though out the detail’s.” The sketches, booklets, film strip, are nice to have and to look through. It’s great to have, in a small package, a good gathering of thing around these two animation’s from the Macross universe.


I need to state I both the box set for the videos and not really for the game. But I played a bit of it to add to the review.

It feels like the two Macross games I played a while back ( VFX PS1/ DYRL Saturn ). I have only played a few minutes of it. It was quite fun and uses every button on the controller! When I get a bit further in the game will update the game review section.  It’s the only game I have played on the PS3 that I want to continue on when I have time.


Ok. Should I get it or pass on this? Very good question. I have copies on Laser Disk’s, DVD’s and even VHS of “Do You Remember Love” from Great Brittan. After comparing the Laser Disk, DVD and Blue-Ray of Flash Back 2012, I must say the Blu-Ray of both DYRL & FB 2012 are the best.

Would love the opening concert to go full screen but this was originally done for 4:3 TV not 16:9 sets when made. If you are a diehard Macross fan. Yes get the set. If getting into Macross, it’s a good way to have a condensed of the TV stories and Minmey’s last concert on Earth. Along with some nice content that adds to the animation.  A good companion to have with the Blu-Ray release of the original series that also occurs this year.

For larger and other pictures you can click on this link…


Operation of the Mic Flag…

Here are the sects and items.

1) Native rez is 320×240 same as a pda. 3.5″ diag screen
2) If you go over 320×240 then will scroll on the screen. Up to that will just pop on.
3) What ever order you put the picture on the SD cart. Will be the playback order.
4) There is a block to keep from sliding a SD cart into it. Its in the SP1 kit I sent.
5) If you use Photoshop use “Base Line” for the “Format Setting” when you resize and save.
6) You can extend the power using a std SMA coax extension cable.

LCD Mic Flag Part XXVI

One more part… Had to send up the brass plates and two small items to complete the Mic Flag.

Here are the items…

Those two squares in the lower left/right corner are lapel pins/locks for the bottom of the Shipping Container. Also figure out to make the deep holes for the pin bodies. Use a strip of brass formed into a ring that hid the cloth hole and make it look nice. Put stars at the bottom of that well! ^_^

And here is the box I shipped them off in… Darn magnet latch is like breaking iron! Easer to put thumb nail holding down the bottom then lift the top in the center…

And construction… All cloth and that foam-paper board… And a lot of glue! ^_^

Well except for a postmortem on this thing that basically it almost done. If it fires up AOK then the project is a success else…. I guess its a Will it Blend candidate.

LCD Mic Flag Part XXV

As we last left you all…. There was a mystery. It was:

If thats not the Shipping Container… What is the Shipping Container he is talking about?

Well this is THAT Shipping Container…. ^_^ Its what is inside that cardboard box with newspapers thats IS the actual Shipping Container! ^_^ And almost rates its own Blog! ^_^

Early on I knew I needed something as different as the L-MF is to ship in. On a Late Fridays run to Michel’s in April They had these little wooded looking suite cases just outside the door. Or maybe its was 60% off that got my attention. What ever. ^_^ Was going inside to get a small wooden box to put the items in. So for a whole 8 dollars got my shipping container just about finished!!! Looks like something a certain Adventure would carry a hat and wip in! ^_^ Or Artemus Gordon from the Wild Wild West would open to display some 19 Century device to save the day. And it does look a bit Steampunk like! ^_^ Hey us geeks like our un-boxing and hopping this may be a touch better than Chuck mug’s…

I had to wait until all items were complete before starting in on the shipping container. So starting around Sunday the 18 of May went on a crash program to get it ready. Cant figure out which was harder the L-MF or the container! O_O

First had to replace the bottom. The original one was thin and flexing as cardboard! O_O

This box is held together with staples. Yea so was some what easy to pop them out.

This gave me about an extra 1/2 inch of depth to play with and glad I had it! I had some more of this micro hobby plywood so cut a section to fit outside as a bottom. This reinforced the box esp the bottom section. Found some 25 year old red paint that match the color of the box very well. Brass nails along with cable staples. And had the new bottom in place! Added some balsa wood runner like would be seen on a trunk and had the outside done! ^_^ Could not use rubber feet. They use soft wood strips or something like that on trunks…

Ok! On with the show. As anyone who has been following this. There has been a wood theme to all of this. But about 2 to 3 weeks ago figure out that the internal structure of the shipping container would be almost impossible to do in wood. Due to deciding not to get a band saw or an alike hole saw. Found some poster material that has a foam core with paper sides. Cool! Can cut with an x-acto knife! ^_^

So starting from the bottom up. Place a sheet of one sided sticky foam for cushion on the bottom of the container. And started to cut foam like mad.

Basic designed is like the old time Jewry box in construction of compartment. Yep Its covered in cloth inside!! O_O Dragons for the top and Sprial space for the bottom section.

Wont get into the sticky fingers, the paint that was a pain Monday / Tuesday night, Using aluminum tape for hinges when the brass one failed on th bottom lids and those not working to well. Etc. But here is the results. 😉

The plan was to ship it out about 4pm Thr or Friday up the coast. But had a family matter that occurred. I found out early in the week one of my Uncles was in bad shape and not expected to be around much longer. I got the call about 2 pm Thr after getting back for some items to speed up some etching of brass items to put on the container and the L-MF. The decision at that second was to get it shipped ASAP! Its missing those brass plates along with a block to keep the user from inserting a SD card into the L-MF wrong. The unit was basically ready for shipment so put the draft preliminary manual in some shape with a note. And ship it. UPS wanted about $120 to ship but USPS Express wanted $47… and could arrive by Saturday afternoon. Sounded good to me! ^_^ Will ship those brass items next Tuesday. The L-MF does not need them to operate. Wanted a final beauty shot of it along with one last power up but decided to drop the shot and chance it.

Well guess due to tight airline stuff and trying to move clients to free up time. By mid day on Friday just could not swing a trip back to pay my respects. 😦 So Im dedicating the L-MF to him, my Parent who also passed in the last few years and my other Uncle’s and Aunts still here and not here. Without their examples I leard from them. Would not have the skills and the strength to get this completed or even attempted. ^_^

So unless USPS muck up the shipping { fingers crossed! } It arrives not broken. And if it fires up when it arrives. Am as nervous as any of the software/hardware projects I have worked on in the past. O_O Maybe a bit more so… A bit worse in the worry department than Jutland or Robot Odyssey.

May post pictures of the tools I used and some of the fabric I used and did not use.

But in a nutshell. That is the LCD Mike Flag project…. ^_^

PS: He got it! ^_^ Was afrade it did not make it.

LCD Mic Flag Part XXIV

Well its been….. Insane here this week! O_O

The L-MF is complete…. Shipping container done… parts packed in shipping box… And shipped by Ugh… USPS! O_O Well it was 1/2 the price if I had shipped OOOPS!

Hum… Didi I say above about a shipping container????? ^_^ Yes. there is a container holding the parts but thats not this…..

Will reveal here what is the Shipping Container after it arrives at its secret destination…

For me im pooped! 😦 And a bit sad the project is basically over.

LCD Mic Flag Part XXIII

Well it survived along with the matrix! ^_^

Ok let get to the meat of the subject. All parts are done. Need poly coating and shipping container done. ^_^

Did find one thing if miss the slot for the SD memory could accidentally fall inside. So will cook up a stop before I ship it.

Here is the video of a small walk around of the operating LCD Mike Flag…

Hum. May put holes for the two button on top…. They do. Manual/Automatic and 5/10/30 second delay. But 5 seconds is about right. ANd thats what it preprogrammed to.

One worry is total weight. can drop the Brass Weight on the counter weight and that will drop the counter down to about 2 OZ. The main unit is around 4.1 OZ. And the UMB is around 1 to 1.5 OZ. Will do another weigh in and see grand total.

The mike stand I think can take three pounds. Will ask on Saturday the make and model of it.

Poly coat this afternoon. Have some labels to generate but those are a quickies. 😉

PS: Re-though the Counter weight last night and redid it early this morning. was about 1AM when I got the Mk II verson done. Need a bit more sanding but looks good. As you can see in the above shots.

LCD Mic Flag Part XXII

Well got the counter weight with the SD card holder done!!! Also the “weight” that goes between it and the part that is its back done and cut. Will be using small black bolts to construct it. Looks nice! ^_^ Need to add in four screws in the back to hold all three section together. In a pinch it can hold 4 SD cards but normally set for three… Holds but easy to remove or return!

But… A Bad Thing Happen on the Way to the Forum…

Will be taking a small 24 hour break… Basically due to getting rear ended this afternoon. Im ok along with the Matrix but going to take it easy for the rest of the day. Was major stress! O_O Oh the Mic flag was in the back but in the shipping container. Will check on it tomorrow… If it survived that jar I know it will be ok going north on its trip.

Just want to unwind. Was going to get a weight of the counter weight using my friends digital scale but did not get the chance to go there.

All thats left is to mount the ears. Coast it all in poly. Check it out from its E-coupon ride and get the shipping container finished…