LCD Mic Flag Part XXI

Hope I dont loose anyone but going to be a long one!

First I had to make a right angle adapter. Since the one I found was the opposite. . I get to MAKE one. Oh Joy… Final trimming and ready to join the two…

And the final assembly of it… Aka DONE! ^_^

On to the filter box #1. This was finally finished. I used very sticky nylon patch and wrapped around the lid.

Now for a wild part of the Universal Mount. Those darn slots. In other words… Will it Slot? O_O Figured out a track rig and the Dremel could do the job. So built the adapter and have it set so I can create the slots… The parts can slide about 1/2 inch creating a slot of 1/2 inch! ^_^ Can use the same one for bigger brackets by adjusting the small wood stop

Here is a video cutting one of the slots… Dust… Noise and Slot Smoke! Don’t breath this Kids! ^_^

The three.. Prototype ( Top ). Test of form one ( Bottom ) and finally work ( Middle ).

Got the final counter weight figured out…

As usual here are more photos. Click here!


LCD Mic Flag Part XX

Well got all of the U Bolts made. Going to hold on the 1 3/4 set. The one inch looks big enough…

And that 39+ year old bender device… Made quick work out of it. ^_^

Need to cook up a template to cuts the slots. Want to get it all put together by late tonight…

LCD Mic Flag Part XIX

Well got the first of the U-Bolts cut bent and threaded. Now I know the steps can knock out the other 5. May do one at 1 3/8 but not sure.

Though I would need to heat and bend. Nope! Uses a tool Father and I got about 39 years ago. Only uses it one but came as the free gift from the Pop Science book club. Slicker than goose greese or teflon! ^_^

Waqs goign to thread first but figure out that could use the die to put threads on it after I bent it!

The ears have dried enough to do some light sanding etc. And see if I got them right. Still need slots for the U Bolts but about done!

LCD Mic Flag Part XVIII

Strange. I had to re cut the ears piece. Had a very odd stain that appeared on what I had done… Well got it done. Also built a foot on/off switch to get a bit more precision on the Dremel tool. It worked! ^_^

Got the ears and the first holes done for the Universal Mount. They are gluing and set.

LCD Mic Flag Part XVII

Between crashing after a hectic week and getting ready for major installs on Monday been a fight to get some time to cut the final wood pieces… Here they are. The slab on the left is the structure for the counter weight. One of the two parallel wood peices will be cut in half to make the ears as soon as I drill the holes for said ears mounting. And can see the mounts for the ears to LMF/Counter weight. Needs 2-56 holes drilled in the 1/4 x 1/4 peices.

Did not use the cutoff saw. Desided to use a trick with a block of steel and some C clamps…

LCD Mic Flag Part XV

Rough week…

Decided to put the first PI filter in a metal box. This was to be the box where would put a power on/off switch but put it on the mike flag…

How the jacks are placed…

And inside…

The blue tape will be removed. Its to prevent scatches..